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Tip Sayarath is a filmmaker with a passion for storytelling. She received a film education from The Second City Film School, and since then, She has had the privilege of working on various projects in the industry.

As a BIPOC woman filmmaker, she knows firsthand how difficult it can be to get the opportunity to work on projects that include minorities.

Growing up, she often felt that she was not relatable due to people's misconceptions on-screen about what an Asian American woman should sound, look, or be like. These misconceptions by Hollywood productions pit other marginalized communities against each other for a punchline. Hating the moments of racist small talk with strangers, she changed the narrative by making the punchline instead of being one.


Currently, She is a Project Manager for a video production company and freelances on various projects. She is thrilled to be producing a passion project, a food docuseries set to film in Laos, known as the most bombed country per capita, in February 2023. This project is significant to her as a first-generation Lao American, and she is excited to share a perspective that has yet to be explored in the film. As a filmmaker, she aims to bring generational healing with a comedic voice to meaningful conversations. Representation matters and she is committed to bringing diverse and underrepresented voices to the forefront.

She's found a group of people who shared her vision and values. Their diverse backgrounds and viewpoints have helped them create unique and innovative work that resonates with many audiences.

Let's create something meaningful and impactful together. 

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