We're committed to amplifying Southeast Asian and emerging voices in the entertainment industry.

Owned and operated by a 1st Generation Lao American woman named Tip. She is a comedy writer, producer, and entrepreneur. 


She is a graduate of the Second City Film School. The program you never heard of because it sounds cult-like because they only "choose" 14-16 members to join a cohort per session. She comes from a restaurant, social media, and events management background. She's helped companies start their business over a span of 13 years, and the rest is history. She volunteers for small theater companies and local art galleries in her spare time. She is committed to helping those around her that want to succeed in any industry through creativity with a proven track record. She's a mental health advocate and wants to dedicate her work to giving back to the community. She's appeared on The Travel Channel and AAPI Vote campaigns for The Biden Administration. You may have bumped into her at underground raves, music festivals, or concerts alone. 


She recently moved from Minneapolis and has found her new community of creatives in Chicago. She wants to combine filmmaking with tech and has invested in crypto and the future of Web3. Her goal is to connect with like-minded individuals who want to produce work with BIPOC, queer, non-binary filmmakers, and creatives from marginalized communities. She is currently working as a project manager at a video production company, special events at a marketing company, and pursuing passion projects. Please stay tuned on how you can support her team on their next project.