3. LAO'D


Summer 2020

LAO'D was my final and, honestly, first completed project for The Second City Film School. This was during a time when hate crimes were increased against Asians because of the pandemic. It wasn't a "punchline" project. I was passionate about getting the message through about the awful things that happened.

And yes, I added terrible pickup lines from men I received before.

I was in school over zoom 85% of the time and didn't have on-set experience. The school did not offer editing courses either. Two of my cohort members backed out of the racist role before filming. Understandably, they didn't want it part of their acting reel. I found out that teachers talked about how I shouldn't tell this story. It made people uncomfortable, but I took risks. I taught myself how to pull permits and negotiate with business owners/landlords. I achieved my goal of hiring a BIPOC production team. I flew a Lao influencer to play the lead role, she had never acted before, but I believed in her. Three months later she got cast on Gordon Ramsey's new show, Next Level Chef.

With generous donations from family and friends, I could pay my DP, AC, and Editor, fly Ae out from San Diego, and host her for 3 days. Pay for good meals for the crew.

Stay tuned for a big project I am producing with Ae in Laos this February with Luciana our DP for this project.

With all my heart and love,


Disclaimer: Parts of this are very cringy, I know. BUT hey. I made something and am very proud of myself for attempting it. Suck it.